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07 July 2013

The Return Of........CLUB SUICIDE - Saturday July 13th

Looking forward to the return of one of Manchester's best clubs from the last 10 years - here's what they say:


Club Suicide is a misguided attempt to map the space between leftfield pop, old punk (funk), new electro and off-kilter techno. You could say 'anything goes', but it doesn't. Not really. Between 2000 and 2004, Suicide ran sporadically and chaotically at a pub in the Arndale (now demolished) and Charlie's. Live turns were crucial to the night and Club Suicide gave Manchester debuts to, among others, Patrick Wolf and M.I.A. The 'DJs' didn't mix (they still can't), but people danced. Honestly. 

On Saturday July 13, Club Suicide returns for a one-off continuation. No classics, no nostalgia, no pandering. Instead, we will pick-up where we left off and, for one night, hopefully present a unique collision (car crash?) of musical styles for curious disco dissidents. 

Playing live: Aérea Negrot, the 21st century Berlin chanteuse and Venezuelan force of nature, whose Arabxilla on BPitch Control was one of the most distinctive albums of recent years. Aérea's music may be filed as house or techno, she may be a sometime collaborator with Hercules & Love Affair, but this is 4/4 channelled by a woman equal-parts Grace Jones, Maria Callas and Klaus Nomi. Google her, now, and tell us that operatic, electronic eruption isn't one of the strangest, most thrilling noises you've heard, this year. See? You can’t, can you? 

Closer to home, we also welcome our friends and yours, Sheffield's mighty Hiem. The Steel City lineage of peculiar, clangy electronic pop remains one of Club Suicide's key inspirations, and with Hiem's debut album, Escape From Division Street, recently re-released by Nang Records, fate was clearly telling us to get Nico and Bozz involved. Expect: facepaint, fleet disko, fat synths and plenty of that trademark surly SoYo wit.


Someone asked us, basically. Bill Campbell is the creator of Islington Mill and a one-time Suicide regular: "For me, the early Club Suicide nights at John Willie Lees reasserted a DIY, John Peel-esque spirit in Manchester, bringing together various generations of misfits, and giving them a new home. The music, post-punk, synth pop and noisy garage rock, sat perfectly alongside the emerging electroclash scene, putting it in context without nostalgia. It reignited a sense of just-do-it in me personally and, in the friends I made there, brought two distinct music and art crowds together in a way that has informed much of what we now do at the Mill. That is, bringing people together to explore what is possible."

Which is a very nice way of Bill saying that he spent a lot of time at Suicide, "drunk" and "dancing". Ultimately - in fact, primarily - that is all there is to it. See you there.